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Dainty Radiance

Rose Water Essential

Rose Water Essential

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Indulge in the delicate allure of our Rose Water Essential candle, where each flicker of flame dances with the essence of a blooming garden. Crafted with meticulous care, this candle encapsulates the timeless elegance of fresh roses kissed by morning dew.

Envelop yourself in the enchanting aroma of velvety petals as they release their soothing fragrance into the air. With every breath, experience the gentle embrace of rosewater, a symphony of floral notes intertwined with subtle hints of sweetness and tranquility.

Whether you're seeking moments of relaxation or creating an ambiance of romance, our Rose Water Essential candle is the perfect companion. Let its soft glow and captivating scent transport you to a serene oasis, where the worries of the day melt away, leaving behind a sense of serenity and bliss.

Illuminate your space with the timeless allure of roses, captured in every flame of our Rose Water Essential candle. Let its fragrance elevate your senses and enrich your environment with the essence of pure botanical bliss.

Care information

Burn candles on a protective, heat-resistant surface, away from drafts.

Never leave this product unattended.

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London B
Smells amazing

It’s a refreshing scent... very relaxing

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